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How Young Attorneys Thrive Through Continuing Education

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It has been said that practice makes perfect.

In truth, however, practice merely makes confident. Perfect does not exist in the world of trial practice. Even the newest and most inexperienced attorney can do a fantastic job of advocating, while even the most experienced attorney can falter. Human nature is just like that. However, there can be no mistake about it, the more someone tries cases and puts in long hours preparing cases for a jury, the better, more efficient, and more seasoned they become.

This process of seasoning a trial lawyer used to be easy to achieve.

A young attorney would finish law school, take a job with a senior attorney, and slowly but carefully develop rich trial skills in a controlled and mentored approach. Today, unfortunately this is not usually the case. Many lawyers are thrown into jobs they don’t understand or forced to try cases before juries with little to no supervision. Continuing legal education is quickly becoming a replacement for the mentorship of old.

At Dodd & Henry, Roger Dodd has continued that fine tradition by helping other attorneys at all stages in their careers to learn and master the art and science of trial law.

Mentorship vs. Course Work

It would be hard to argue that an attorney can gain the same level of experience and proficiency from a simple online course or weekend seminar as they would achieve through years of devoted training with a superior trial lawyer. However, in the absence of that type of apprenticeship arrangement, well-developed and intentional CLE’s can be a strong option for lawyers looking to improve their skills.

Who Can Benefit from CLE Training with Roger Dodd?

Just about any attorney could benefit from training under Roger Dodd. The attorneys of Dodd & Henry have a collective 53 years of trial experience. If you are an inexperienced personal injury lawyer or a seasoned pro who looking to up your game and take your skills to the next level, you will probably find our training very useful. One thing has become very clear over the decades of our practice – new lawyers are not trying cases. They are afraid of the unknown, the uncertainty, the challenge of organizing so many facts and thoughts and putting it all together in a compelling way. Being a trial lawyer can be like leading the most complicated lecture course ever imagined but making it look like a friendly and effortless conversation. This is just part of what our attorney attempt to offer attorneys who enroll in our CLE courses.

Why Pay for a CLE when the Local Bar Offers them for Free?

Ultimately, there are a lot of options for learning legal skills. Most local bar associations, state trial law organizations, and even regional bar societies offer some form of free or low-cost training. But these programs rarely focus on hands-on and intensive training in trial skills. They may have all sorts of unrelated and irrelevant material that is of no use to a serious or aspiring trial attorney. If you need to up your game and really dig in and be the best trial lawyer you can be, give Dodd & Henry a call today.