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About CLE Training

We Have Taught Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Courses for Trial Lawyers for Decades. 

Attorneys need to sharpen and maintain their skills. Continuing legal education (CLE) is the formalized process through which accredited courses are offered to legal professionals. CLEs cover a broad range of different topics — from examinations of new and updated laws to practice of litigation skills and strategies.  

Notably, CLEs are mandatory in the majority of U.S. jurisdictions. Though, the specific CLE requirements do vary from state-to-state. As an example, the Oklahoma Bar Association, explains that licensed attorneys in the state must complete a minimum of 12 continuing legal education credit hours on an annual basis. 

We are Committed to Teaching Other Lawyers 

At Dodd & Henry, our team has extensive experience teaching trial lawyers at CLE events. This is not new to us — we have been doing so for decades. Through our trial skills course, we are committed to offering legal professionals an effective and meaningful CLE. Our experienced litigators provide fully personalized, positive guidance that applies to the real world. With this, lawyers can both develop and refine their trial skills. 

Generally, our trial skills CLE training is a small clinic. As such, every participant is able to get access to the individualized and intensive training that they deserve. We will make it worth your time. Our trial skills CLE clinic is about far more than teaching or reviewing rule after rule; it is about providing lawyers an opportunity to practice trial work in a realistic setting. 

Trial Skills You Will Learn From Dodd Henry

Our attorney Roger J. Dodd has extensive experience in the courtroom. Not only has he handled cases for decades, but he has taught trial skills to more than 55,000 attorneys. Continuing legal education should be about more than checking off a box to satisfy a state bar association requirement. Lawyers are busy and a CLE should actually be worth their time. In our trial skills CLE training, attorneys will learn: 

There is a lot to be said for the old adage “learn by doing.” Lawyers need realistic experience. A CLE course that offers practical guidance, professional training, and ‘on your feet’ experience is the most effective way to hone your trial and litigation skills. 

Get Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Course Credit With Our Trial Skills Clinic  

Dodd Henry will work to help you get CLE credit in any jurisdiction that you desire. In addition to Oklahoma, our trial clinic has been approved for Continuing Legal Education credit hours in many other states across the country, including in Georgia, California, Louisiana, and more. In fact, in more than three decades of CLE training, no bar association has declined to award credit. No matter your state, we are prepared to make all necessary efforts to help you get CLE credit hours.