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We Teach Trial Lawyers


To elevate trial lawyer skills, it takes two conscious and continuous efforts.  First, the trial lawyer who wants greater skills has to build experience.  Dodd & Henry have over 53 years of experience in court rooms all over the country. That experience continues to grow.   Their lawyers have tried cases every one of those years, and continue to do so.  Not only have they tried jury and non-jury cases, but they’ve tried cases of many diverse facts.  This cross training and exposure has given them the experience needed, in multiple diverse factual settings, resulting in the broad experience required to handle unusual developments as they occur.

Second, a trial lawyer has to continually train and educate themselves to stay on the cutting edge of new developments, and new skills in order to be effective in front of juries and judges.  The profession realizes that.  Continuing legal education is one of the best ways to refine trial skills.  Dodd and Henry lawyers not only attend CLE every year, but are committed to teaching other lawyers at those CLE events every year.  That is not some recent development.  That has been happening for 4 decades of teaching lawyers.