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Severe and Fatal Accidents

Severe and Fatal Accidents

When the stakes are high, so is the fight. Insurance companies always try to pay as little as possible.  In small injuries they may work amicably to resolve minor injury claims for fender benders and situations where there are little to no real injuries. But when the injuries are severe or someone has lost their life in an accident, rest assured the insurance company will fight hard. They fight because they know the consequences of a potential jury award can have larger consequences.

At the office of DODD HENRY, it’s our goal to make sure large corporations and insurance companies remember that the real measure of your injury is a jury. We fight vigorously for our clients to ensure they are protected. We want you to receive full and fair compensation, and we know what it takes to achieve it.


Any time someone loses their life due to someone else’s careless or reckless behavior, it’s severe. But there are many other key distinctions to keep in mind.

Paralysis. When a person suffers damage to their spinal cord, it usually leads to at least partial paralysis. Depending on where the spinal cord is damaged, the injury could result in a lifelong complication that requires ongoing medical care, pain, agony, and embarrassment. Any time you lose the function of your body permanently, it’s a severe injury.

Amputations. Any time you lose a body part – even a tip of a finger or toe – it’s severe. There is no way to fix an amputation. Perhaps medical doctors can create expensive prosthetics, but nothing replaces your own body.

Loss of Senses or Function. This can include blindness, deafness, or a loss of sensation can all be severe forms of injuries that cannot be undone. In some situations, victims may suffer from a loss of bodily function, such as bladder or bowel incontinence. Such painful and humiliating injuries can leave an otherwise healthy person’s life forever changed.

Pain. Simply put, if you are left with permanent injuries that cause you ongoing or constant pain, your injury is likely severe.

Disfigurement. Permanent and disfiguring injuries that are physically noticeable can be extremely severe.

Ultimately, any time that your life is changed forever, and you are forced to endure pain and suffering that won’t stop, you likely have a severe injury.


All personal injuries that are caused by someone else’s negligence may lead to potential compensation, but severe injuries often mean a different and unique set of damages. For most personal injuries, the following compensation may be available:

However, if your injuries are permanent and severe, you could also be able to claim:


When you lose a loved one in a fatal accident, you can also claim damages due to their wrongful death. These damages can include:


By no means should this be considered an exhaustive list. But don’t expect an insurance company to fully pay up voluntarily. It takes a lot of skill and experience to get an insurance company to settle a claim or go to trial to reach a verdict. If you and your family are struggling after a severe accident or the loss of a loved one, call DODD HENRY to speak with an attorney who can fight to recover compensation for you.