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18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

Semi-Truck Accidents

From Tulsa to Oklahoma City, large commercial vehicles travel Oklahoma’s interstates and backroads. They bring us food, supplies, and pretty much everything we get off the shelf at the store. They also bring a heightened risk of injury when we are on the road. Most semi-truck drivers are true professionals who take their jobs very seriously, putting in long hours and receiving adequate training. Sadly, like all professions, there are those who choose to break the rules and take needless chances.

At the office of DODD HENRY, we have time and again seen the serious consequences of negligence when a truck driver chooses to break the rules or cut corners. Before becoming a trial lawyer Roger Dodd drove commercial trucks.  Of course, not all tractor-trailer accidents are due to negligent truck drivers. Many are caused by other factors as well. If you have been hurt by one of these negligent drivers or a careless company, then you have rights. Call us today to schedule a confidential free consultation with one of our attorneys.


It’s not just negligent drivers who cause wrecks. Large trucking companies are made up of a lot of different people who may be responsible for causing your injuries. Here are just a few examples of potential defendants who could be held liable.

Dispatchers & Corporate. Corporate leaders and dispatch teams often push drivers and set incentives that are unattainable. The ultimate goal is often profits, even when it creates dangers for the public.

Loaders or Warehouse Company. A truck driver is responsible for driving the truck, but often they use people known as “lumpers” to load and unload freight. Also, warehousing companies may overload a truck without telling the driver, causing the load to be uneven or unsafe.

Mechanics. Mechanics can cut corners, leaving brake lines in disrepair or trailer tandems broken or in dangerous condition.

Leasing Companies. Some truck drivers aren’t actually employees of the company listed on their truck. As confusing as it may be, some are independent truck drivers who own their own companies, but lease the rig from a bigger company. In other cases, they may have a contract for freight assignments. It’s important to work with an attorney who can navigate these complex legal relationships in order to hold the right people and companies accountable.

Truck or Trailer Manufacturers. Beyond actual problems caused by the driver or company, sometimes there are manufacturing defects with the rig or the trailer that can lead to tragic crashes. Defective parts can also be to blame.

Truck Drivers. Finally, the driver is always responsible for safely and legally operating within the law. When they fail to do this, the results can be horrific.


With decades of experience, Roger Dodd has long been known as one of the best trial lawyers in the nation. At the office of DODD HENRY, we carefully prepare every case for trial, because we know that gives us a distinct advantage when negotiating with the insurance companies and large trucking operations. For help with your semi-truck accident, call the attorneys at the office of DODD HENRY today.

Investigating Accidents To Accurately Determine Liability

We will closely examine the black box recording, logs and any other evidence available at the time of the accident. We will speak with the investigating police officers, witnesses, accident re-constructionists and vocational rehabilitation experts as we determine liability and build your case.

We are committed to helping you pursue
a future that is as bright and supported as possible.

The attorneys at Dodd Henry diligently pursue outcomes for their clients that serve their best interests, and we always prepare each case for court. The attorneys at Dodd Henry are committed to preparing every detail so you have the best chance of getting the financial and physical respite you need. Your life may never be the same after an accident, but we are committed to helping you pursue a future that is as bright and supported as possible.

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