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Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyers

Pharmaceutical Injuries

Bad drugs are on the rise nationwide. Every day it seems another major pharmaceutical company is coming out with a public safety announcement or recall of a prescription medication that is linked to deadly or debilitating side effects. While modern medicine has made our lives better by healing and curing myriads of diseases and conditions, when drug companies rush to get medicine to the market faster, they often cut corners, falsify testing results, and even commit outright fraud.

At DODD HENRY, we are devoted to obtaining maximum compensation for victims of dangerous drugs, especially when the manufacturers knew the risk but decided to maximize profits rather than protect the safety of the public.

What Is a Bad or Defective Drug?

Obviously, most drugs have known side effects. Most of those side effects are rare or unlikely in most of the population. The key, of course, is that the side effects are known and widely published. This way, when physicians prescribe medications, they can take these factors into consideration and properly advise their patients about the risks.

A defective or “bad drug” is one that does any of the following:

How Are Drugs Screened for Safety?

There is a specific process through which the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) determines whether drugs are fit to enter the market in the U.S. This drug testing and vetting process can take a long time, as there are many regulatory obstacles designed to make sure unsafe drugs never make it to the store counter or the pharmacy.

Sadly, there are enormous profit incentives for drug companies to push their products through this process. This can result in cutting corners during testing, using overseas and unsupervised testing to accelerate approval, or even outright fraudulent tests. Once a particular drug is found to be defective or unduly dangerous for consumers, victims who have suffered serious injuries from the drug may have a right to pursue compensation.

Multi-State Litigation

One of the more complex things about bad drug cases is that they must often be fought in multiple locations and jurisdictions around the country. The manufacturer may be located in one state, while its corporate office is in another. The victims may be residents of other states altogether. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone suffering from a negative drug reaction should speak to a skilled and experienced pharmaceutical injury lawyer right away. At DODD HENRY, you can count on our team to carefully work with you to determine whether a defective drug may be to blame for your injuries. If so, we can aggressively work to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Our firm never takes an attorney fee upfront for personal injuries, as we know our clients are often suffering from serious and life-altering injuries that can cause devastating financial losses. Instead, we only get paid if we recover compensation for our clients. Therefore, there’s no risk and no obligation. Just call to learn more and schedule your own free consultation today.