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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Unlike a car accident, when a vehicle collides with a pedestrian or cyclist, the devastation can be incredible. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents tend to be much more severe than car accidents, many of them proving fatal. With many universities, colleges, and trendy downtown areas, Oklahoma has man thriving bicyclist communities. Sadly, Oklahoma City ranks as the fourth worst city for bicyclists. This is partly due to downtown areas that are congested and simply not set up for pedestrians and cyclists. If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian or bicycle injury in Oklahoma, call an experienced injury lawyer who can help to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Common Places for Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes

Crashes are common in high density traffic areas, such as near colleges and universities. Oklahoma has a number of major universities and colleges where bicycling and pedestrian activity is at times very high:

Of course, this doesn’t even begin to cover all the community colleges and smaller or private schools throughout the state.

How Bicycle Crashes Happen

Drivers often fail to acknowledge bicyclists and pedestrians, thereby disregarding their rights on the road. Common scenarios include:

How Pedestrian Crashes Happen

Pedestrian accidents happen for many of the same reasons. For instance, here are just some of the ways that pedestrians can be injured in crashes:

Alcohol Is a Leading Cause of Crashes

Of all the fatal and severe injuries that pedestrians and bicyclists can sustain, many are caused when the driver is intoxicated or impaired by prescription medications or illegal drugs. When drivers are impaired, their reaction time can be greatly reduced. Judgment can also be poor. Without good judgment and quick reflexes, a driver traveling at highway speeds can quickly take the life of a pedestrian or bicyclist in just a split second.

Compensation for Bicycle or Pedestrian Injuries

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle or pedestrian crash, you could be entitled to monetary compensation, including:

Some injuries are fatal, leaving loved ones and family with a horrible loss. If you’ve lost a dear loved one due to a driver’s negligent disregard, you could be entitled to collect money under Oklahoma’s wrongful death statute. The law allows surviving spouses, children and other close relatives to recover money for:

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