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Posted on: January 8th, 2019

Human error causes over 90 percent of the car crashes in Oklahoma City.

Many of these wrecks involve serious injuries. The resulting medical bills often add up to tens of thousands of dollars, and in most cases, health insurance companies refuse to pay these costs. Additionally, since the victim is probably out of work, regular bills pile up as well. All this time, the insurance company calls relentlessly and demands settlement.

Oklahoma has unfortunately suffered six tragic crash related deaths, within the first week of the New Year. According to NewsOK, five of the fatal wrecks were on icy roadways, authorities reported.

At Dodd Henry, we believe in resolving these cases as quickly as possible so victims can get back to living life. However, we never place expediency or speed above your legal and financial rights. In fact, we fight tenaciously to ensure that you receive fair compensation for all your injuries. We are not satisfied with anything less than the best results under the circumstances. Those are your standards as well as ours.

What Causes Car Crashes?

Tire tread separations, sudden wind gusts, and a few other events cause a handful of crashes. But almost all vehicle wrecks are related, to some extent, to one of the five kinds of driving impairment. These types of impairment are:

The tortfeasor (negligent driver) may not be the only person responsible for the crash.

For example, it’s illegal for commercial alcohol providers in Oklahoma to sell alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons. If these individuals cause car crashes, the commercial provider may be liable for damages.

What Damages Are Available?

Serious car crashes cause significant economic losses. In addition to medical bills and lost wages, there are also property damage and other direct losses.

Most victims are also entitled to compensation for non-economic losses. These losses include things like:

To obtain these damages, victim/plaintiffs must establish negligence by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not).

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Car crashes often cause serious injuries.

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