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Oklahoma Aviation-Weather Accident and Wrongful Death

Posted on: May 31st, 2019

Small aircrafts are an incredible adventure, and thousands of Americans enjoy flying for fun and leisure.  

Many Americans also utilize small aircrafts to commute or travel between local and regional airports. But unlike major commercial airlines that operate multi-million-dollar jets, these smaller crafts are very susceptible to changes in the weather. Pilots and companies that operate these smaller crafts must use extra precautions to make sure that they are flying weather aware at all times. This means grounding planes when adverse weather is on the horizon.

Poor choices can lead to deadly plane crashes that can claim the lives of innocent people. When these crashes happen, those injured or the survivors of those who are killed may have a right to be compensated for their losses. Visit Dodd & Henry online or call our firm today to speak with an aviation accident lawyer about your case.

When Do Weather-Related Accidents Happen?

The 2016 report by Physical Geography further revealed that the majority of fatal weather-related crashes took place on weekends from October through April, and the majority happened in early morning hours or in the evening, at times when visibility was worst.

How to Receive Compensation for Fatal Aviation Accidents

Careless pilots who jeopardize their passengers’ safety often cause horrible injuries, including wrongful deaths. Surviving family members may suffer unbelievable losses beyond just the emotional pain and agony of losing a loved one. These losses can include:

If you’ve lost someone you care about due to an aviation accident, you should immediately reach out to an experienced aviation crash lawyer from Dodd & Henry to learn more about how to collect monetary compensation to help you and your family recover after your loss.