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Oilfield Accidents

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Oilfield Accidents

When people think of the oil industry, they usually think of Texas. But here in Oklahoma, we have a thriving oilfield industry as well. The oil industry has long been one of the key backbones of Oklahoma’s economy. In 2000 alone, oil brought $3.3 billion into the state, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with jobs in the petroleum sector poised to grow exponentially over the next decade, in Oklahoma.

Of course, the oil industry is known for rampant safety violations and catastrophic injuries that hurt employees and innocent victims alike. If you’ve been injured in an oilfield accident, you have rights. Call the office of DODD HENRY to discuss your case and get a free consultation today.


There are generally three ways a person can get hurt on or around an oilfield. First, there are employees and other workers who get hurt on a work site. Second, there are innocent members of the community who are neither employees nor workers. They simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally, the third group of people who get injured are contractors and subcontractors who may work for a different company altogether than the one that causes the accident. All three groups have distinct rights.

Injured Workers. Depending on the employer, most injured workers will need to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if injured on the job. Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation rules are very strict about notice and other requirements, so it’s imperative to call an experienced injury lawyer early.

Injured Contractors and Subcontractors. In some situations, the injured person may have been hurt by a different company than the one he or she worked for. Consider the example of a truck driver injured while making a pick up at an oilfield. In these cases, the injured worker may have a workers’ compensation claim with their own employer’s insurance company, but also maintain a personal injury claim against the negligent company that caused the injuries.

Innocent Non-Workers. Then there are people who have no financial interest or work relationship with the oilfield. These are just innocent residents who are harmed by various accidents. For instance, explosions, fires, and other accidents can cause serious injuries to people nearby, who were not on the property at the time.


Oilfield cases are different from many other types of injury cases, because there are often dozens of companies involved, each with complex contracts, rights, and duties to be evaluated in determining whose fault the accident was.


Increased oil production in Oklahoma has led to an increase in drilling accidents, and the severity of the injuries suffered by workers. Equipment fails when pressure builds up from various types of extraction, including hydraulic fracking. Production is fast-paced in a work environment that lacks the proper safeguards to protect employees.

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