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Boating Accident Attorney Oklahoma

Boat Accident

When people think of boating, they don’t usually think of Oklahoma. However, Oklahoma has some of the largest lakes in the country, many of which are man-made. In fact, Lake Eufaula is ranked as the 34th largest lake in the US, while Lake Texoma comes in at number 38.

Although boating is a wonderful pastime in the Sooner State, accidents are not uncommon, especially around summer holidays. After a boating accident or injury, it’s important to understand your rights. Injuries can be severe regardless of where the accident takes place. If you’ve suffered a serious injury while out on a lake or river, call DODD HENRY today to schedule a free consultation.

Typical Boating Accidents

Among the many ways that people can end up having boating accidents, there are some that tend to happen more frequently. These include:

How to Seek Compensation for Boating Injuries in Oklahoma

Just like a bad driver who causes a wreck on the highway, a negligent boat owner or operator can be held responsible for injuries they cause. Sadly, however, many boat operators do not carry liability insurance. Therefore, it can be difficult to collect compensation without the assistance of a skilled boating accident lawyer. Fortunately, in most cases, there are ways to recover financial assistance and compensation for serious injuries, especially when commercial vessels, leisure boats, and other business-owned vessels are to blame.

Alcohol as a Leading Cause of Injury

Because many boating accidents occur during key holidays, namely Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, alcohol often plays a major role in causing crashes. If you were hurt by someone negligently operating a boat while under the influence, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

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For help with your case or to discuss your options in a free consultation, call DODD HENRY today, and talk to an experienced lawyer in one of our offices. We have locations in Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa, so wherever you are, there’s an office conveniently located to serve you.

Factors our boat accidents attorney will consider when investigating, documenting and representing your personal injury claim include:

  • Unlawful or Dangerous Operations
  • Individual Personal Flotation Devices
  • Required Navigational Lighting
  • Operating a Vessel Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Marine-Type Fire Extinguishers
  • Proper Use of Sounds and Distress Signals
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With good weather and lots of open water, boat accidents in Grand Lake, Lake Keystone, Tenkiller, Texoma, Overholser, Arbuckes, and other Oklahoma communities occur year round. When you choose the law firm of Dodd Henry to represent your personal injury or wrongful death claim, we will accurately determine who has liability and present a solid case to seek a fair compensation for your personal injuries. Our lawyers understand why you love the water as well as how accidents on the water occur.

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