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About Dodd & Henry

Compassion and Concern

We at Dodd Henry genuinely care for each and every client.  No case is the same and our firm is creative in the way we research, prepare your case for trial and perform in the courtroom.  We prepare every case to take it before a jury.  We are trial lawyers, not just lawyers.

Dodd Henry is the Oklahoma Personal Injury law firm that sets itself apart in the ways we pay attention to detail in every case.  Every case is unique and every individual we meet with has different concerns and questions.  Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients by bringing decades of experience and compassion to every case.

Don’t wait for a personal injury attorney to find you. At this trying time, you need a compassionate, experienced personal injury attorney who is concerned for your well being. While you recover physically and mentally we will prepare your case for trial and pay attention to the most minute details.

Call our offices so we can evaluate your case, meet your needs and gather the details of your particular case.  Get started today with the Dodd Henry who cares more for you and your well being.

We Sue Insurance Companies, Corporations and Governments

It is important to contact our law firm before you communicate with the insurance companies or anyone.  Some of the details we pay attention to are to insulate you from people who would take advantage of you after your accident.  Proper preparation from the point of the accident all the way through recovery is vital.  Allow Dodd Henry to help you through this trying time.

Personal Injury

Injuries happen in many ways. The Law Offices of Dodd Henry are available to help you in any case involving injuries.

We will help you through this difficult time with our experience, hard work, and compassion.

Compassionate and detail oriented Trial Lawyers

At Dodd Henry, we have earned a wealth of experience preparing each and every case for trial.  We will guide you through the process of dealing with the insurance industry, while making sure you are on the path to healing. Each and every case is different and with each case all of the smallest of details have to be considered. Our clients appreciate our compassion and concern for every individual involved in each and every case. Let us fight for you through this difficult time today by calling Dodd Henry.  Let us protect you.

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